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Find out what happens to Batman in the next episode Kaliiirose_ chaturbate . At the end you get to see my close up pulsating pussy that just finished cumming. I wank my cit with it & talk filth as he gives me his BIG Cock to suck. 5 inches, then I try all different ways to fit it inside my little pussy, and mouth. bought this lovely white g string bikini, wore it to the spa, well hardly anyone around, my tits just about squeezed into the top well I did go 2 cup sizes smaller and the g string rode perfectly right up my sexy crack, did bump into the guy from the gym though (smirk)me sorruy hun, i've got to take this call, i need to go back in the next office, 10 minutes max hun so keep the connection open* you then phone your girlfriend to update heryou hey hun how's you, look i've only got 10 minutes need to be careful as i am skyping shaun he's just on another callher did you meet your new black guyyou yes he's just showering off (smirk and turn to look back to the bathroom) we've just had a sauna, fuck me the size of that cock bulging through his trunks, can't wait to get that python cock inside me my pussy is dripping already (please rub your pussy through the outfit) i'm fucking soakingher how big is it tiffyou 12 inches babe trust me it's a monster, i've fucked about 20 guys behind shaun's back but this is the biggest and that's saying something with the amount of cock i've hadher you dressing up for himyou yes babe just got a gorgeous red number shaun has kindly paid for and i'm going to get totally fucking drilled in it, i've been promised a thick creamy facial though, he's a massive thick cummer, you wouldn't believe ither doesn't shaun even suspect, he must have an idea, I feel a bit sorry for him he's so good to you tiffyou fuck off babe he hasn't a fucking clue, look babe he's fucking shit in bed, last week I dressed up for him in some AP underwear, climbed on top of him brushed my lacey panties against his cock and he came straight away, what a fucking loser (smirk), look hun I have to go catch up soon* I returnme hi hun what are you doing for dinner i can see if they can serve lateyou don't worry shaun i'll get something in the room, i fancy some juicy meat and a thick creamy desert to finish yummy (lick your lips and smirk) look shaun baby i have to go but please text me when you are at least one hour away don't just turn up baby pleaseme sure hun, have a good evening, why is the shoer running tiffyou just left it on as you do baby (smirk), look i'm going to have to go I can't wait for my juicy meat any longer Shaunlog offas per previous clip tell the shaft he can come out now (perhaps bend over with you ass to to camera)blow job scene as before as close up as possible, same type of dialogue, as you were in the sauna with him perhaps you could say did you enjoy my g string bikini babe, bet you wanted to fuck me on the spot, I could tell by that monster cock twitching in those trunks babeBasically degrade me tell shaft how shit I am in bed and that you have made me come in my pants before, tell him how many guys you have had behind my back perhaps even my best man at my wedding the morning afterBeg for a massive facial, shaft unloads really heavy (as much as you can take), shaft then notices the Skype is on, you get really close to the camera totally glazedsorry shaun baby, that couldn't have been nice watching that, please forgive me but can you blame me isn't it a beautiful python cock, it's the biggest load i've ever taken (wink if you can))shaft then hands you a g string and wipes your face for you, chew on them a bit fuck baby it's so creamy what a valentines treat, going to get fucking bonned now baby, got to go love youfinish by licking you flips and blowing a kiss at the camerathanks tiff hope that's ok should be a hot clip. Kaliiirose_ record As Bat desperately grasps for breath, she decides to change tactics and sits her big round ass right on to his face. I put on latex gloves and get down to it, sucking your hard cock that is. FULL HD. Will Batman be able to escape Harley Quinn's Craziness. Here we have my slave massaging my sore feet after a long day's work. Follow the white rabbit as far down the hole as you can go & don't miss this hot new JOI release.
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